Winnipeg and surrounding area care!

Southglen Veterinary Hospital serves the veterinary care needs of Winnipeg and the surrounding communities. Our veterinarian provides preventative, wellness and diagnostic services for cats, dogs and small animals. When you bring your pet to our Winnipeg animal hospital, you will find a team of professionals that provides experienced care for your pet and gives you the information you need to keep your pet healthy.

We recommend that you bring your pet to our veterinary hospital as soon as he joins your family. Our clinic offers puppy and kitten wellness programs to get pets started on a healthy path. We will monitor your pet’s growth during the first few months and administer the initial set of vaccinations. Our veterinary care team will provide guidance as you make decisions about a spay and neuter surgery, soft tissue surgery, or implanting microchips and pet IDs. We also encourage you to ask questions about dietary care, exercise and home pet wellness care as you become more acquainted with your pet’s individual characteristics.

Our Winnipeg veterinarians strongly encourages all pet owners to bring their pets in for annual wellness examinations. This allows us to continue monitoring your pet’s health, update any pet vaccinations, and perform any recommended tests. During this time our pet dentist will also check your pet’s teeth for signs of decay and perform a thorough cleaning. We believe it is very important for your pet to have regular visits with our pet dentist because good oral health is a crucial part of a healthy pet lifestyle.

We Provide Pet Surgery, Dental Care and More

We are concerned about all aspects of your pet’s health and will look for any signs of disease during the annual examination. If you notice any unusual symptoms or behaviors from your pet between visits, please contact our veterinary hospital and set up an appointment as soon as possible. Our facility is equipped with advanced diagnostic technology to aid in the early detection of illness. Services provided services in the field of cardiology, endocrinology and referrals for dermatology. Should your pet require pet surgery, it will be performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite.

Our veterinarians provide experienced care during all stages of pet surgery, from pre-surgical testing and the administration of anesthesia, through to the actual procedure and pain management for your pet during and after the surgery. We will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have about your pet’s procedure. In certain cases we may refer you to a specialist.

The veterinary care team at our animal clinic is here to provide help and support through all aspects of your pet’s life. Whether you have questions about nutritional care, want to talk to our pet dentist, or are concerned about an upcoming pet surgery, we take the time to listen and provide the answers you need.

Contact Southglen Veterinary Hospital at 204-452-0077.