Emergency Urgent Care Services Seven Days a Week Until 10:00pm!

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. Your pet may have just been in a car accident or they may have broke into into your cleaning supplies or even some sweets in the pantry and consumed these. Now they’re very sick and you’re not sure what to do.

In both these situations as well as countless others, you need a veterinarian you can trust. The veterinarians at Southglen Veterinary Hospital in Winnipeg Manitoba will work hard to diagnose and treat your pet right away.

Our Urgent Care Services

In some cases, our veterinarians at Southglen Veterinary Hospital will have to operate on your pet. Emergency surgery can often save a pet’s life and is recommended for pets who have suffered car accidents or other blunt force trauma, pets that keep falling unconscious, and pets who have consumed human foods or other poisonous items. If a pet has tumors and other obstructions these will also have to be removed via surgery.

When Do You Need to Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian’s for Emergency Care?

For more serious injuries and illnesses, there’s no question that your pet should see a veterinarian. For instance; they may have bite or puncture wounds, they may have eaten something inedible or toxic, they seem disoriented and/or confused, and they suddenly cannot get up and walk.

Here are other symptoms to keep in mind. If your pet is exhibiting one or more of these, you should take them to Southglen Veterinary Hospital right away. These symptoms are:

  • Gums that are discolored (such as purple) or pale
  • The animal keeps shifting in and out of consciousness
  • Seizures and other convulsions, especially if your pet has no history of these
  • Breathing that is too slow or too fast
  • A pulse that is too slow or too fast
  • Recurrent diarrhea accompanied by vomiting

Remember, the above situations are often very serious and treatment is sometimes the difference between life and death. It is crucial to know that the definition of toxic foods differs from people to pets. It is commonly understood that chocolate is bad for pets, but some nuts, vegetables, fruits, and other commonly eaten items are also considered poison to pets.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Winnipeg? Bring Your Pet to Southglen Veterinary Hospital

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Winnipeg for urgent care, Southglen Veterinary Hospital is a great choice. We’re open every day of the week until 10pm so that our Winnipeg clients can take their pets in to us at the first sign of trouble. With our staff of veterinarians we can treat your pet so they feel better.

Our non-emergency services are pet nutritional counseling, pet allergy treatment, pet dental care, pet health exams, pain management services, pet laser therapy, implanting microchips, pet surgeries, and pet wellness. Cats and dogs are not the only species that our veterinarians are able to provide care for, they also see smaller pets such as ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

You may stop by anytime for a meet and greet. If you need to reach us ahead of time, our address is Southglen Veterinary Hospital on V-730 St. Anne’s Road and our phone number is 204-452-0077.