• Oct 18 2018

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    Cat Day!

    Cat Day is coming up on October 29th! …

  • Oct 11 2018

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    Cannabis, CBD, and Your Pets

    With the legalization of marijuana (cannabis) in several US states and Canada, accidental consumption by pets is a growing concern. Nine states in the US have legalized cannabis for personal (human)…

  • Oct 04 2018

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    October 7-13th is Walk Your Dog Week!

    Pet Obesity Awareness Day falls within Walk Your Dog Week – coincidence? Probably not! Did you know that up to 59% of dogs worldwide are overweight?! With this staggering number, the importance of…

  • Sep 27 2018

    Thumbnail for World Rabies Day

    World Rabies Day

    September 28th marks World Rabies Day. While cases of human rabies in certain parts of the globe are rare, the number of cases that occur in developing countries, such as Africa and Asia, are in the…

  • Sep 20 2018

    Thumbnail for Deaf Dog Awareness Week

    Deaf Dog Awareness Week

    September 20th-29th is National Deaf Dog Awareness Week. …

  • Sep 13 2018

    Thumbnail for Animal Pain Awareness Month

    Animal Pain Awareness Month

    You stub your toe, bang your elbow, or lift a heavy box the wrong way. You know you’re hurt – and others do too as you cry out in pain! But what about your furry friends? With sudden or acute…

  • Sep 11 2018

    Thumbnail for Prepare Yourself and Your Pet for Hurricane Florence

    Prepare Yourself and Your Pet for Hurricane Florence

    Experts are warning that Hurricane Florence may the strongest to hit the Carolinas and Virginia in years. Florence currently sits in the Atlantic as a Category 4, but forecasters are predicting that…