Veterinary Services at Southglen Veterinary Hospital

At Southglen Veterinary Hospital we care deeply about the health and happiness of each patient. Our diagnostic and preventative veterinary services are personalized for each and every pet, allowing us to maximize your precious family member’s quality of life while reducing their future health risks. We use state-of-the-art equipment for more precise and comfortable treatments.


If we suspect blockages, pregnancy, fluid buildup, foreign objects, or any other invisible condition inside your pet, we may perform an ultrasound exam to take a closer look. Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows us to diagnose otherwise not explainable symptoms and evaluate the current state of your pet’s internal organs, from foreign masses to changes in size, texture, or blood supply.

Laser Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation

If your pet suffers from a loss of mobility, reoccurring pain, or any other debilitating symptoms, we will personalize a physical therapy regimen for them. Laser therapy is an effective and non-invasive treatment option for a variety of chronic and painful conditions. It helps to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and injuries, and it stimulates the growth of new cells to promote healing and help your pet recover faster.

Urgent Care for Late Night Emergencies

If your pet is in trouble after business hours, call Southglen Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians are on call for evening and walk-in appointments. In the event that we are unable to help, we will refer you to a local veterinary hospital that is able to. Your pet deserves immediate treatment, and we know you don’t want to wait overnight as symptoms get worse. We encourage you to call as soon as possible to give your pets the best possible chance of recovery.

Dental X-Rays and Dental Care

Pet dentistry is just as important as human dentistry, because oral health problems may cause serious complications elsewhere in the body. We offer dental x-rays to diagnose tooth and gum problems, tooth extractions which remove damaged or pulp-less teeth, and thorough dental cleanings to polish your pet’s teeth and remove any built-up bacteria. We also help pet owners learn how to maintain their pets’ oral hygiene at home, with our selection of dog and cat friendly toothpastes and toothbrushes.

Nutritional Consultations

Diets play a huge role in our overall quality of life, affecting everything from the number on the scale to the likelihood of getting certain cancers and chronic conditions. At Southglen Veterinary Hospital we know animals are no exception. The food you feed your pets should have the right balance of nutrients and vitamins, and the right amount of calories for their age and lifestyle. Our veterinarian in Winnipeg will help you determine the ideal diet for your pet, which may include specialty foods available right here at our animal hospital.

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